Remarkable video & multimedia production by a small, passionate team for a fraction of agency prices.


We bring passion to every project we take on, or we don’t take it at all.


Merry Thieves is an independent Salt Lake City, UT based production company passionate about the art of storytelling through beautiful cinematography. 

Whether your project requires a multi-day crew or just one guy and a camera for the afternoon, we’d love to work with you. Drop us a line!

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Merry thieves is owned and operated by Sam Garfield. Sam has been playing with video cameras since the reign of VHS. Sam savors the adventure of each new project and is constantly seeking to push things to new heights.


“There are so many good things to say about Sam and his work.

We hired him for a large event up at Snowbird, Utah and he was ready to work and very well prepared. Sam was on-time for each session of the event that needed specific video shots, on the spot interviews, and any other silly requests we asked of him. Not only that but he shot BEAUTIFUL b-roll in whatever spare time he had. After the event, Sam was quick with edits and openly took feedback while also providing his own. Sam is a joy to work with, creates and produces great work, and I look forward to working with him more!”

-Ana B., O.C. Tanner

Sam is creative, talented and can get the job done!
— Max P., Element Rings

"I've had the pleasure of working with Sam (Merry Thieves) now on 2 very different projects. Neither of which had much in common which showed to me Sam's prowess for his craft. He brings incredible technical expertise to the table while also presenting creative options when requested. The first project called for a host of various locations and involved a lot of motion, some macro shots and he blew it out of the park. our expectations were exceeded.

Specifically related to the other project (production process video for corporate customer Rock West Composites) Sam was personable and worked well with our manufacturing technicians in order to get the shots. In a facility where lighting was tricky (dismal at best) Sam was able to produce the necessary equipment to provide a professional and great short film to highlight one of our mfr. processes.

For sure will be working with Sam again on our next project!"

-Rylan H., Rock West Composites



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Production Offerings










  • Full 4K workflow

  • Cinematrography, Editing, Post-Production

  • High End Cinema Cameras and Lenses

  • Stabilization and Motion Control

  • Illuminating Lighting

  • Pixel-perfect Color Grading Workflow

  • Data integrity (two sets of data including one offsite backup for at least two years)

  • Comprehensive liability insurance

  • 800 Square Foot Studio

  • Dedicated Editing Suite

  • Professional Audio Capture and Processing